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Production surfacing work quickly causes wear on key parts of ballast regulators, especially in the bottom wing articulation joint.

Introducing the clever BTI Hinge Boss that is essential in the fight against ballast engaging wear problems.


The BTI Hinge Boss was developed to protect the Kershaw style ballast regulator articulating wing. The BTI Hinge Boss is a great compliment to the BTI line up of Carbide Z-Bars, Skid Shoes, Plow Blades, Skeleton Baffles, and Broom Elements that fight the brutal ground-engaging wear problems on ballast regulators.


BTI offers both the Inner and Outer Hinge Boss with high-performance BTI TuffCarb protection. The Inner and Outer Hinge Bosses enclose and protect the entire wing articulation joint and surrounding wing area for maximum life and performance while plowing in the toughest conditions.

BTI Hinge Boss protecting joint

Unprotected hinge

Outfitted on Class 1 Surfacing Teams, many production ballast regulators using the BTI Hinge Boss have been running for years, saving wings from wearing out, the associated rebuilds and thousands of dollars of replacement parts.


The BTI Hinge Boss and plow blade protection helps protect the underlying wing structure and eliminates maintenance time and expense on wing rebuilds.



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