Ballast Tools Inc. (BTI) offers improved Tungsten Carbide wear solutions that include parts for virtually all MOW rail machines, such as tampers, ballast regulators, and ballast undercutters, as well as tie and rail maintenance equipment. From nipper hooks to tie fingers and jaws, spike pullers to spike trays, BTI has you covered.


Tungsten Carbide-protected BTI parts last longer than standard parts, helping crews keep working longer and more efficiently.


The patented BTI Dual Spike Puller has consistently performed at a rate of 5 to 8 times the normal life of OEM spike claws. The BTI Dual Spike Puller is so good, it pulls most of the spikes left by the competitive claws, making the machines more productive in the gang.


The innovative new BTI Spike Tray makes inserting new spikes into the rail easier and faster. BTI Nipper Hooks and Tie Remover Jaws are protected by BTI TuffCarb, enabling them to work through the abrasion from the ballast exponentially longer than standard parts.





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