Ballast Tools Inc. (BTI) is known worldwide for unmatched durability, performance, and quality. We’ve built our reputation with quality products,

on-time delivery, and exceptional product sales

and service support, both before and after the sale. BTI works with our customers to provide

Tungsten Carbide wear solutions, extending the life of undercutter bars, wear plates, and chains.


For more than 40 years, BTI has been solving tough maintenance of way wear issues with solid Tungsten Carbide solutions. By adding BTI Tungsten Carbide to parts that experience high wear our customers experience less downtime and increased production.


Our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured for long service life and difficult service applications where downtime and premature wear failures are not an option.


BTI Tungsten Carbide-protected parts are tough and durable, withstanding the grinding and abrasion that comes with ballast undercutting. Longer part life means improved efficiency, fewer change outs, and increased safety.



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