Sharp bits cut better! BTI Adzer Bits feature the sharp and long-lasting Tungsten Carbide cutting edges. Sharp BTI bits produce a cleaner cut while reducing loads on the hydraulics and overhung load adapter. BTI offers Adzer Bits in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to fit Kershaw, Knox Kershaw, and Nordco adzing machines.


BTI Adzer Heads are field-tested and proven to last three times longer than steel adzer heads.  Engineered and manufactured in Festus, Missouri, BTI Adzer Heads are a critical part to help reduce downtime and increase production.


Standard Adzer Shrouds take a beating and wear out quickly, creating a safety hazard with flying debris. The innovative design of the BTI Adzer Shroud wears longer, seals better, and helps reduce dust during the cutting operation. BTI has designed a complete Adzer Shroud kit with wear-resistant steel plates that can be replaced several times before the outer and top plates show wear. The design enables the rubber pads to be retained in place and maintained more easily. Existing Adzer Shrouds can be rebuilt with BTI wear plates. BTI manufactures Adzer Shrouds for Knox Kershaw Kribber Adzer machines.





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