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BTI is the “Boss” at Protecting Hinges

Ballast regulating and maintaining can quickly cause wear issues on key parts of a regulator, such as the wing articulation joint on the bottom of the wing. That part of the wing sees constant contact with the ballast while plowing in either direction.

The BTI Hinge Protector Plow Blade with Hinge Boss Protection, or Hinge Boss, was developed to protect the articulation joint in a Kershaw style ballast regulator articulating wing. Without a BTI Hinge Boss, the wing and joint wear out and have to be replaced or rebuilt. Each rebuild both takes a machine out of service and is expensive, requiring new parts and mechanics’ time for the project.

BTI offers both an Inner and an Outer Hinge Boss, in a high performance BTI Carbide version as well as a standard BTI tool steel version.  The Inner and Outer Hinge Bosses enclose and protect the entire wing articulation joint and surrounding wing area for maximum life and performance while plowing in the toughest conditions, all the while keeping the regulator plowing consistently and smoothly.  Outfitted on a high-production, Class 1 gang, regulators using the BTI Hinge Boss have been running for a couple years, saving them several wing rebuilds.  The BTI Hinge Protector Plow Blade with Hinge Boss Protection helps to sustain the life of the wing assembly and eliminate time and money-consuming wing rebuilds. Get your own! Call BTI today at 636-937-3326 and ask for the “BOSS, Hinge Boss”.

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